Predicting the future events

Predicting the future events

Predicting the future events

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There are events in the Qur’an like the Romans being able to regain their land and defeat the Persians after being defeated.

There is a whole chapter in the Qur’an called The Romans and it starts like that “The Romans have been defeated but very soon they will be victorious.”
It is like saying today that the USSR, the Soviet Union, will come back within very few years, very few years.
And defeat the United States of America, if anyone says so now people will say he is crazy.
At that time the Roman Empire was collapsing, they were losing their territories to the Persians. 
Egypt was invaded by the Persians and most of the territories were ruled by the Roman Empire.
At that time the verses of the Qur’an were descended on Prophet Muhammad saying, challenging people by saying:
The Romans were defeated but within few years, they will be victorious.

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