Is the Quran a product of man?

Is the Quran a product of man?

Is the Quran a product of man?

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Let’s discuss the first one. Can it be a product of Prophet Muhammad? Can he be the author of the Qur’an?

If you think about it, Prophet Muhammad was an Arab. Who was sent in the beginning to the Arabs, with an Arabic Qur’an.
Why he intimidate the Arabs by naming one long chapter of the Qur’an after a woman who is not an Arab, an Israelite, Mary the Mother of Jesus.
Son of Mary (Peace Be upon Him).
He could have named it Khadija after his beloved wife or Fatimah after his beloved daughter.
Who can tell me few verses from the Chapter Khadija? Or Fatimah? Or Aminah, his mother?
No one because there is no one chapter in the Qur’an named after any Arab woman.
I think this proves easily that it is not handiwork.
Especially if you know that the Jews, historically, at that time, were the enemies of the Arabs.
Even before Prophet Muhammad became a Prophet, the Jews of Arabia were telling the Arabs that the time of the new prophet has come.
And we will follow him and we will kill you all like the people of Aram and Ad.
So why he would intimidate the Arabs, his people, by calling a chapter after a Jewess.

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