The Quran Talks About The Evaporation

The Quran Talks About The Evaporation

The Quran Talks About The Evaporation

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{ By the sky which returns [rain] }



{ And We have sent the fertilizing winds and sent down water from the sky and given you drink from it. And you are not its retainers.}

AL‑HIJR (22)

The Arabic word used here is lawaaqih which is the plural of laqih from laqaha, which means to impregnate or fecundate. In this context, impregnate means that the wind pushes the clouds together increasing the condensation that causes lightning and thus rain.

A similar description is found in the following verse of the Qur’an:

{ It is Allah who sends the winds, and they stir the clouds and spread them in the sky however He wills, and He makes them fragments so you see the rain emerge from within them. And when He causes it to fall upon whom He wills of His servants, immediately they rejoice }

AR-RUM (48)

Modern data on Hydrology agrees perfectly with the Qur'anic description on the same subject. The water cycle is described in several other versesof the Glorious Qur’an, including (AL‑A RAF:57), (AR-RAD: 17), (AL‑FURQAN :48-49), (FATIR :9), (YASEEN :34), (AL‑JATHIYAH:5), (QAF :9-11), (AL‑WAQI AH :68-70) and (AL‑MULK :30).

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