Discovering the Black Holes

Discovering the Black Holes

Discovering the Black Holes

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It is a great phenomenon that scientists have been studying for more than half a century. They are finally certain it exists and it was called the Black Holes which are formed from stars that collapsed. Scientists confirm that stars grow, explode then collapse and turn to a black hole with a massive gravity that attracts everything around it even the light and it does not let it escape.

 The scientists describe these cosmic bodies with three aspects. They cannot be seen, they run, and they absorb and attract everything around them.

Marvelously, the Qur’an reveal this accurate result saying:

“So I swear by the retreating stars. Those that run [their courses] and disappear.”

(At-Takwir: 15-16)

The word “Khunas” used in Qur’an means to disappear and cannot be seen. The word “Jawar” is the one that runs quickly, while the word “Kunas” means the ones that attract and absorb.
So, the Qur’an talked about the Black Holes at a time when no one on the face of the earth knew anything about them or even could have imagined them.

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